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Furniture Fitting skill council (FFSC) is a not-for-earnings company, registered below societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The Council has been promoted by CII (Confederation of Indian enterprise) with monetary help from the National skill development company (NSDC).

The intention of this area skill council is to attention on establishing a powerful and eco-system for improvement and offering of skills for the furniture & Fittings enterprise including applicable curriculum, courses, informational database, shipping system, standardization, accreditation and certification tactics to decorate the employability of the workers globally.

The mandates for FFSC are:

  • To help the member agencies across market verticals sharpen their business consciousness, updating at the emerging market developments and improvement.
  • Make sure delivery of training programs by way of authorised corporations as in keeping with enterprise norms and requirements.
  • Plan and execute training of running trainers.
  • Putting in Labour market informational system (LMIS) to help making plans and transport of education.
  • Increase a talent development plan for the furniture & fittings enterprise.
  • Standardization of association and accreditation method & participation within the process.
  • Developing profession route, skill competency requirements and qualifications for upgrading teens/work pressure at par with the evolved countries.
  • Improvement of National Occupational requirements (NOS) custom designed & applied closer to country requirements &adopted by the fixtures& fittings enterprise.

Qualification - Assistant carpenter – timber

  • Furniture

Carpentry of furniture making is a skilled change in which the basic principle workcompleted is cutting, shaping and set up of different components collectively to make the very last product.

  • Description of Job:

Assistant wood worker is needed to assist the carpenterin making unique elements of the furniture and additionally assist in assembling different elements of the furniture.

  • Attributes:

Assistant carpenters have to simple know-how furniture making. They may be required to be flexible in phrases of adapting their work to exclusive sorts of works associated with furnishings making. He/she have to be physically match along with having top hand-eye coordination. 


Characteristics is an essential for reaching the important purpose / reason of the world, profession, or region of labour, which may be achieved with the person or a group of individuals. Characteristics are diagnosed thru useful evaluation and form the idea of OS.

Assistant fitter - Modular fixtures

The visible quality and finishing of the modular furniture depends at the accurate and errors free assembling of parts. Fitting system involves assembling of different independent components to make the final product as per the consumer requirement.

  • Description of Job: Assistant more fit is required to assist the healthier in assembling one-of-a-kind components of modular furniture’s at the purchaser web page to make the very last products.
  • Personal Attributes: Assistant healthier must have simple knowledge of modular furniture. They’re required to be flexibility in terms of adapting their assistance to different types of furniture layout. He/she need to be physically fit at the side of having accurate hand-eye coordination.


Features is a necessary activity vital for achieving the important purpose / thing cause of the world, profession, or region of labour, which can be achieved by a person or a group of peoples.Functions are diagnosed via useful evaluation and shape the basis of OS.

Carpenter – wooden furnishings

Carpentry for furniture making is a professional exchange in which the primary work carried out is the cutting, shaping and installation of various components together to make the very last product.

  • Job Description:Furniture Maker is chargeable for designing, building and repairing furniture, furnishings, and other items the usage of different kinds of wooden. He/she is required to study the technical drawings, measure, cut and shape wood, plywood or different material.
  • Attributes: A furniture Maker must have knowledge of different styles of furniture and its installation in conjunction with information of shape of furniture, size conversion and conversion of drawings to furnishings. He/ she is needed to be flexibility in terms of adapting their style of labour to distinct sorts of furnishings design and the type of furniture He/she  have to excellent mathematical talents and feature accuracy in size in conjunction with having true hand-eye coordination


Wooden fixtures role Description

Furniture Maker is accountable for designing, constructing and repairing fixtures, fixtures, and different kinds of the usage of extraordinary varieties of wooden. He/she is needed to take a look at the technical drawings, measure, reduce and shape timber, plywood or other fabric.

Modular fixtures

The visible quality and finishing of the modular fixtures depends on the accurate and mistakes loose assembling of components. Fitting method entails assembling of different types of independent elements to make the final product as in step with the client requirement.

  • Description of Job: Healthier is needed to assemble various products in modular furnishings by using delivering the product to the client, becoming the components collectively and checking the final set up merchandise for any damages.
  • Attributes: healthier have to have know-how of various sorts of fixtures installations. They may be required to be flexible in phrases of adapting their style of work to different kinds of fixtures layout and feature inclination toward aesthetics. He/she should have true mathematical abilities and feature accuracy in dimension together with having suitable hand-eye coordination.

Role Description

Furniture Installer is required to collect diverse merchandise in modular furnishings by handing over the product to the customer, fitting the components collectively and checking the final mounted products for any damages.

Lock Technician

 Lock installation enables to offer a sense of safety to human beings and their property.

  • Description of Job: Lock Technician additionally called locks technician is accountable for installations of various locks on the doors and repair and provider of locks on every occasion required.
  • Attributes: Lock Technician have to understanding of various varieties of lock installations. He/ she is required to be flexible in terms of adapting their fashion of labour to different types of locks design. He/she need to have excellent mathematical abilities and have accuracy in measurement in conjunction with having good hand-eye coordination.


Function is an interest essential for reaching the key reason of the sector, profession, or area of work, which can be carried out through someone or a group of humans.

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